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SideSync App For PC ( Windows & Mac)- Download Free

Do you love to use your Mobile Phone and your PC at the same time but are afraid of missing any calls or messages? Yes, everyone does you’re not an exception.

Therefore, Samsung made SideSync which help Samsung users to get notified of all the calls, messages or any kind of notifications you receive on your Mobile Phone. With this app you can do a lot more things like you can share your Mobile Screen on Desktop, Transfer Files and Even Record the Screen of your Samsung Mobile Phone.

Many people are unable to find the Official Samsung SideSync app (PC Version) and thus, they usually find some SideSync Alternative For PC but then they aren’t able to find any working or if they get then it doesn’t provide all features which you have in SideSync For PC.
Sharing Files, and Screen + Reply To Your Messages & Calls

SideSync App
Samsung SideSync App
You can use Samsung SideSync app to do all the things at one time. You can wireless connect your Samsung Mobile Phone with your PC and simultaneously share your Mobile Phone screen, and files while you can also give reply to the received messages on your Mobile and even Answer the calls. All this can be done from your PC using the SideSync App without even spending a penny.


Is SideSync For Windows 7 And Windows 10 Only?

No, SideSync support all the version of Windows PC From Microsoft Windows 7 to Microsoft Windows 10.1. SideSync is not only available for Windows PC users but it’s available for MAC users as well.

You can find the Download link for SideSync App on the official website of Samsung but just in case if you’re unable to find any working link then you can also refer to the end of the article for working mirror Download link for SideSync App For Windows and Mac.

SideSync Alternative
SideSync Alternative

SideSync Alternative For PC

Found Samsung SideSync app not to much useful for you and want to shift to another same kind of app and finding the best one to move to? Well, I would like to contradict you at first to Download Latest Version of SideSync as the in the Latest Version of SideSync all the bugs and notification error has been fixed but if you still don’t want to use the SideSync App then you must read about these Top 3 SideSync Alternative For PC

    • A Power Mirror
    • Mobizen
    • Vysor

Download – Sidesync for Windows 7 and Windows 10

SideSync Apk Download For Samsung Mobiles

If you’re ready to get started with Samsung SideSync and want to use it for Sharing Files, Screen and having a good time with your PC and Mobile. Then you should Download SideSync Apk on your mobile right away.
You can find the Samsung SideSync app on Google Play Store but if you’re unable to download it through Google Play Store then you can also download the app from any Apk site or else you can get the mirror link to download the app in the end of this post.

Official Site link: Click Here


From the above spare of context you get to know about the Samsung SideSync For PC and Android. SideSync is a very helpful app for those who like share files, and screen on their PC or Laptop. You can also use the app to connect yourself to your Mobile Notifications like Messages and Call you receive on your Mobile. You can simple Answer them through your PC.

Samsung SideSync is available for both Windows as well as Mac Users. You can download them through the links given below.

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