SideSync Apk Android

SideSync Apk For Android – How to Use Sidesync

SideSync is a very simple and basic kind of application, it is very to easy to understand and use.

Still many people are unable to Understand SideSync Android as well as Windows App. SideSync is an application to Share your Files and Mobile Screen with your PC. You can use this application only on Samsung Smartphones as SideSync is an Official app for Samsung.

This application is only designed and developed by one and only Samsung. Samsung SideSync might be compatible with some of the other devices from different manufactures (I’m Not Sure About It, You May Check Yourself).

SideSync Apk Android
SideSync Apk For Android
SideSync Apk is a very grateful app for Samsung users to never miss a update on their phone while working on their Computers. Once you connect your Mobile with the application in your computer. You will start to see all kind of notifications there. Such as your boss just texted you something important or else if your mom is calling you, you will be able to send reply and picking up the call respectively through your PC and Phone.

Latest SideSync For Android

SideSync 4.7 Apk is the Latest SideSync for Android Devices whereas the Latest Version of SideSync For PC can be downloaded through Samsung’s Official website for SideSync App.

The Latest SideSync Apk performs all functions and can be downloaded on all Samsung Android based Smartphones. In the Latest Version of SideSync, Samsung has tried to remove all the bugs which were found in the last version 2.9. Samsung is soon planning to launch a new version of SideSync For PC as well as for Android which will allows their users to remotely connect to their phones on a same WiFi address.
The Latest Version of SideSync could connected on a same WiFi address which would be accessible to users from an IP Address but this can only be used for Sharing of Files.

Download Samsung SideSync App & Start Using The App, -How To


Download SideSync Apk For Android

SideSync For Android Free Download? Is this the question which arises to your mind right now? Yes, then let me tell you that you can Download this application for free from Google Play Store. If you face any issue Downloading the app from Play Store then you can also Download this from any Android Apk Site or else you can Download it through the link provided at the end of the article.

Android System Requirement for Sidesync Apk



  • Smartphone : Android KitKat(4.4) or higher
  • Tablet : Android Lollipop(5.0) or higher

How To Use The Samsung SideSync App On Android & PC

How to Use Sidesync
How to Use Sidesync

First to start using the Application on both your Android Device and PC, you will be required to download the both of the Applications from Google Play Store and Official Website Of SideSync respectively for Android Devices and PCs.

Once you have finished Downloading. Open the applications on your Phone as well as on your PC. Connect the application through a wire (For Using It For All Purpose). Once you connect your Mobile with PC you will notice that it starts recognizing your Phone. After it recognizes your Device. You’re all set, now you will see your Mobile’s Screen showing on your PC with which you can see all your notifications and Upcoming as well as Previous Messages and Calls.

To exchange files on both, you will need to open the application on your PC and click on transfer files. Afterwards you can either SEND files or RECEIVE them on your PC or Samsung Device.



Samsung SideSync for Android and PC can be connected together to use them as your Mobile Casting Device for PC. You can share files between your Computer and Mobile or else you can use your Mobile as a casting device to give replies to Messages and Calls you receive in your Mobile while connected with your PC through SideSync App.

If you think we have missed something on the go, Please write it down in the comments section and we shall post it. If we found it to be something informative.

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