samsung sidesync alternative

Samsung Sidesync Alternatives 2020 for Android & iOS

The Sidesync is a mobile to PC solution that enables the users to share their data, screen and windows easily between the smartphone and the computer.

This type of data and screen sharing facility for Android phones can be done with other Sidesync Alternatives, like the AirDroid, mobizen and with Vysor apps too. With Sidesync app available only for Samsung users, many latest Sidesync alternative 2018 started to rise, result of which the original idea from Samsung has gone wide and started reaching many smartphone users out there. Moreover, one can easily get their free sidesync alternative for android running mobile devices from any source.


For example, one can easily install directly by visiting the alternative sidesync app official website, or by downloading the apk version of the file to their device, and later on install them to share data and other files with your PC or laptop.

samsung sidesync alternative
samsung sidesync alternative free


As the core idea behind data and screen sharing was only for Android running devices, the iPhone users still get their hands on Sidesync by download sidesync alternative for iphone devices like the Xender, Mobiplay and much more. The Xender app even lets the iPhone users to wirelessly transfer their files of any type, without the need of connecting the device and computer with Wi-Fi or internet mobile data. The transfer speed is fifty time faster when compared to the Bluetooth transfer in android running devices, which every other Android user shall normally boost with.

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Top 3 Samsung Sidesync Alternative 2020

There are many Samsung sidesync alternatives available for a free download online and below mentioned are the top 3 sidesync alternative that can easily transfer any kind of data, navigate apps and screen share at the same time.


The AirDroid app allows the android users to access and manage their Android mobile phone or tablet by connecting them to Windows, Mac or to any other operating system running laptop. The devices get connected with one another wirelessly, and there is no need to search for a USC cable to connect them. And moreover, the app is available for a free download, and the users of this particular app get various features like Cloud Sync, screen mirroring, mirror backup, file sync and much more.



By downloading Mobizen app to your Android running smartphone and to your PC or laptop, you can easily control your smartphone by using any web browser. One can either connect the devices using a USB cable or choose to go wireless for data transfer. This app lets the users to record their mobile screen and even take screenshots, directly from their PC. The app has various features like remote desktop, capture screen, support AirPlay, drag n drop, and much more.



The Vysor app has a complete controllable window over your Android device, straight from your desktop computer. The best part is that the Vysor app runs on any operating system installed in your PC or laptop. The app provides various features like remote desktop, screen mirroring, offline mode and much more to the users of the app.

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