The New 2048 Cupcakes Online Game – alternative of 2048

2048  Cupcakes is a mini-game that has been very popular for the past fifteen days, as evidenced by the many derivatives that have emerged following it. Addictive but also annoying, this little game will give you a hard time. But there is a way to win every time …

If you like to have fun, you have certainly not missed out on 2048. For the past two weeks, this mini-game has indeed experienced a craze on the web. Designed by Gabriele Cirulli , a 19-year-old Italian developer, it challenges players to reach their  2048  cupcake tile by combining even numbers vertically or horizontally on a 4 by 4 grid.

Based on the 1024 game developed by the Veewo studio, 2048 has itself inspired other programmers who have developed a multitude of equivalent games, such as Doge2048 or Flappy2048 (which is inspired by the famous Flappy Birds ). The principle stays the same. The only difference is that the thumbnails appearing on the tiles are personalized on a theme ( LHC , Dr Who , etc.). There is even a very easy version …

To play 2048 cupcakes, you must use the arrow keys to obtain the fusion of two tiles with the same number. For example, when two tiles with the number 2 touch, the tile with the number 4 appears. The objective is therefore to reach the  legend cupcake tile, taking care of your movements. The playing area is limited and a new number 2 tile appears with each move.

However, there is a way to win every time. Developer of  this game has indeed developed an alternative version of 2048 that offers to automatically resolve the game. Two options are proposed: the first consists in suggesting the next move to be made (it is then possible to play). The second is to activate the autopilot and let the solver do its work.

But to conquer without danger, we triumph without glory! And if the first option allows you to unlock a frozen situation, the second is clearly cheating.

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