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Mobizen for Windows PC and Mobile – Download Free

Mobizen for Samsung PC – Mobizen is one of finest Screen Recording Application for Android based Devices. You can use Mobizen to Record and Capture screen of your Android based Devices.

There is a totally different Application for Samsung Android Devices which is named as “Mobizen for Samsung”. You can Download Mobizen for Samsung either from Google Play or from any Mirror APK website.

mobizen for samsung
Mobizen for Samsung

Mobizen is available on Android Mobiles and Windows PC. You can Download Mobizen for Samsung PC via their Official Website. If you don’t know anything about this then you should continue reading if already know much about the Application then you should skip towards Downloading Free Mobizen App for Samsung PC and Mobile Devices.

Mobizen for Samsung PC Features

  • Screen RecordingMobizen app helps you to record and capture your Mobile Phone as well as Your Computer screen. You can also use the Application for recording a specified screen by Pinning the Screen (One you want to record).
  • Transferring of Files: As you save your recorded Files on your Mobile Phone but want to upload the videos on a Social Platform like YouTube then you can easily transfer your Recorded Video and Taken Screenshots from your Mobile Device to your PC via the Application. It helps you to connect your Mobile and PC for Transfer using USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Screen Presentation: Screen Presentation helps you to share your Mobile’s screen on your Laptop or Computer’s Screen. This is kind of helpful for those who have a habit of viewing larger Icons or Screen. It also helps in a clear view and understanding the Video quality type.
  • Streaming Music and Music Videos on Mobizen: Mobizen doesn’t allow you to stream any kind of Videos or Music online but you can play all the Videos and Music stored on your Local Storage. This application also works as a Media Player for your Device and has been awarded as the “Best App Of 2016”.

How to Use Mobizen for Samsung Devices ( PC & Mobile)

As you know, Mobizen is a Simple Screen Recording application. Therefore, there aren’t any tough challenges to face while using the Application to record your Samsung’s screen. You can use the steps mentioned below to Record or Capture Screen of your Samsung’s Device.

  • Open the Application on your Samsung Device.
  • Select the Screen you want to Record.
  • At last, press the “Start Recording” button and you’re all good to go.
  • Now, once you think you have recorded the video you can either pause or stop it accordingly.

The videos are saved on your External Storage as default. If there isn’t any external storage available on your Device then it will be saved in your Primary Memory that is Internal Storage.

Download Mobizen for Samsung PC

To use Free Mobizen for Samsung PC you should visit here and Download the application available on the Webpage. Once you download the Application follow the steps mentioned below in order to use Mobizen for Samsung PC through your Android Device.

  • For using Mobizen for Samsung PC you will be required to Download Mobizen for Android Device. Once you download the application on your PC as well as Android Device proceed to Step 2.
  • Now, open the app on your Android and click on Screen Mirroring and connect it with your PC.
  • After you get notification like Connection Successful you’re all good to Control your Android Device with Samsung PC.
  • If you face any problem in connection then try to complete the connection using USB if you have opted for Bluetooth or WiFi previously. If you still face problems then contact Mobizen through their Support panel.

Official Site Link: Click Here


Above we have shared information on Mobizen for Samsung Mobile and PC. You can use the application on any PC by using the Mirror Screening feature available in the APP. For any queries you can write a comment and we will bother it ASAP.

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