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Airdroid App Download for Android & iOS

Today we are going to talk about best samsung sidesync alternative “AirDroid App” which helps the mobile phone users to get a full access to their phones directly from their PC or Mac.

This app was developed when people initially struggled to connect their smartphones with their PC and transfer data and other files between them. One can easily Download Airdroid App by visiting the official web portal of them, and by selecting the device for which they are in need of this file sharing app to be installed with.

The all new AirDroid Web is a revolution in terms of file sharing between smartphone and PC, under which the users can easily upload the data and others files by visiting the web portal of AirDroid from any web browser, instead of downloading the app to their PC or laptop too. The web version of AirDroid has a bar code link, which you can easily sync with your phone, rather than entering down your login details. This type of fast login has definitely made file transfer an easy job for millions of people with AirDroid.

How to Use Airdroid App?

Airdriod app
Airdriod app
In order to make use of the AirDroid app, one needs to download them by visiting the official web portal or by visiting the App Store in their mobile phone. Once you have installed the app on your smartphone open it up, to share files between your phone and PC.

Check for the connection tab within the app, and it displays an unique IP address that you can use to transfer files and for other activities. Open a web browser in your PC or laptop, enter down the same IP address on the address bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. Now your phone shall get a pop up to confirm the connection. Upon accepting the request, the web browser that has been opened up with the same URL shall display a new User Interface. Now you can easily access your smartphones messages, videos, files, call logs, photos and other apps directly from your web browser. The whole connectivity process takes less than a minute, which indeed makes the AirDroid the best file transfer app.

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Download AirDroid Apk for Android

airdroid android
If you are an Android smartphone user, then you can install the AirDroid app directly on your device, by downloading the AirDroidApk file from the official web portal of the app. You need to download the apk file directly from your smartphone so that the file gets installed to the mobile device. You can also get AirDroid for Android phone by visiting the Google Play Store (Click Here) on your mobile device. The AirDroidApk download for android is a free software that takes less space when downloaded to your Android running smartphone.

Install Airdroid on iOS Devices

airdroid for ios devices
airdroid for ios devices
The AirDroid for iOS Apple iPhone users are widely available for a download at Apple’s official App Store. You can also download AirDroid for iPhone, by visiting the official website of AirDroid (LINK ), where you can find links to download their directly to your iPhone. One needs to either visit the Apple Store or the official web portal of AirDroid to download airdroid for ios device.

Get Airdroid for PC – Download Now

airdroid for pc
Airdroid for PC
The AirDroid for pc is an easy way to connect your smartphone with your computer and transfer your personal data wirelessly or by connecting them using a USB cable. The AirDroid download for PC links are available at the official web portal. Visit the web page to download the latest and updater PC version of AirDroid software on your PC or on your laptop.
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