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Samsung SideSync App for Android ,PC – Download Free


Do you own a Samsung Mobile Phone and Love to share files from your Laptop or Computer? Of course everyone love to get the files which they see most of the time on their Friends, Colleagues, or on their Family Members Laptop or Computers. In that case SideSync App will be an ultimate solution for you.

So, Samsung SideSync App will be a good fit for your desires to come true. It is an official Wireless Transferring Application specially made for Samsung Users. They can use this application to securely transfer their files between each other that too without having any wires in between.

SideSync App
Samsung SideSync App

SideSync Apk For Android

As I have tried SideSync apk for android, I would recommend my readers to use it if they have a Samsung Device based on Android. This application works way faster than any other Wireless File Transferring apps for example, let’s take Xender, or else AirDroid. Both of them are very popular apps among transferring files among the Mobile Devices and Computers. If you’re officially a Samsung Android Phone user then you should use SideSync as it will give you 200% speed of what you get on sharing files through some SideSync alternative apps.






What’s New In SideSync

There’s isn’t anything new in SideSync App but it itself is a new app which has launched few months ago by Samsung Mobile to help their consumers to share files as well screen among their PC and Mobile.


You can connect the SideSync app with your computer to Share your Mobile Screen on the Desktop as well as you can also use the app to Receive the notifications on your PC. So, while working even if you forget to check your mobile, you still will have a chance to see what notifications you received. You not only receive messages but also you will be able to reply to the messages and calls which you receive on your Mobile. This application is a very useful app for anyone who loves to keep themselves connected to PC as well as their Mobile Phones at the same time.

Download SideSync App For PC and MAC

SideSync App
SideSync App For PC and MAC

As you all know that SideSync is an application to Share Files and Screen between your PC. So, the Samsung thought of developing the application for both Windows as well as Mac Users because after all it will help them to increase their market with it.

SideSync For PC – Windows

You can easily Download SideSync For Windows PC by logging into Samsung’s Official Website. In their official website you will have to open the SideSync app page where you will find the download link for SideSync For PC. If you’re unable to Find the Download Link then please refer to the end of this article.

SideSync For PC – Mac

As you Download the Samsung SideSync App for Windows the same way you wil be using to Download Samsung SideSync For MAC. You have goto the official website of Samsung and Open SideSync where you will have to Download SideSync For Mac. If you’re still unable to find the Download link please refer to the end of this article.

Samsung SideSync App Features

Samsung SideSync App is very useful application and many people are using the app for maing their life easier than it used to be. If you’re also an Samsung Android Phone user then do the Samsung SideSync Features right now and start using the app.

  • The App allows you to share your Mobile Phone Screen on the Desktop which means you can easily record your mobile phone screen as well as go through your apps, and other data on a bigger screen now.
  • It helps to transfer the files 2X faster that too wireless. Without help of any wires you can easily transfer any files from your Mobiles to Desktop or Vice Versa. It is faster than others apps when compared to some popular apps like AirDroid and Xender.

You can reply to the calls or messages you receive once you connect the application to your PC. Either it’s a call or a Message you can reply to both of them easily while working on your PC all you need to do is connect your PC and Samsung Mobile with the SideSync App.


With Samsung’s SideSync app you can share your files and screen between your Device and your Laptop or Computer whether it’s a MAC or Windows one it doesn’t matter. The SideSync App is available for both.

Samsung SideSync App has many unique features which other files transferring app fails to provide. It is a Samsung’s Official Application. So, it is recommended to be used by Samsung Users, other apps can also harm your Mobile.

That’s All! If you think something still lacks in the article please mention it in the comments section right below and we would love to add the same if it finds out be something informative.

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