Mobizen for PC download

Mobizen for PC Download Latest Version

Mobizen for PC – Mobizen is a wonderful application which helps you to record your Mobile or Computer Screen. There are different Files, Folders, and Elements on our Computer as well as Mobile Devices which we want to record or capture a catch of it. Mobizen helps in doing all of things right away without even routing (Unlocking) your Device.

Mobizen Screen Recorder actually helps you to record the screen on your Android Phone or on your Computer. It’s really a great App which helps you in recording each and everything done on your Mobile or on your PC. This app gives you the best performance with minimum Physical Memory usage. Once you start the application on your Mobile or PC it works in the background and enable Button to start and stop the recording. You can also record single screen with this app by Pinning your Screen (Which you want to record). Just like this there are many other features of the application which you will love to read before you Download Mobizen App for PC or Android.

If you are searching for Apps like sidesync then you should check apps mentioned in previous post. Sidesync alternatives are Airdroid, Mobizen, Vysor etc.

Features of Mobizen for PC

  • Screen Recording: With this App you can take Screenshot and as well as record your Device’s screen. You can create full length videos and tutorials using the Application. The main part is that you won’t require a rooted device for either taking a screenshot or recording your Device’s Screen.
  • Screen Presentation: This is one of the features which allow the Application users to Share Screen of their Android Mobile Phones on their PC or Laptop while recording their Screen. This helps in Clear View while recording any Video or Taking Screenshots.
  • Streaming of Audio & Video on Local Storage: You can View and Listen to the Songs and Videos saved on your Local Storage on your Device. You can stream all the Video and Music saved in any folder on your Device.
  • File Transfer: This application has made file transfer easy just within click from PC to Mobile. All you need to is connect your Device with your PC either using USB or WiFi and select the files you want to transfer and click on “Transfer” you’re all done transferring files between your Android Device and PC.

Download Mobizen for PC Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10

In order to Download and Install Mobizen for PC you will be required to install any of the Android Emulator on your Windows PC. You can download any of the Android Emulator here we are using Bluestacks Android Player for Windows; you can download the same over here.

  • Once you download Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Make sure you set Bluestacks with your Email and verify all the details so you can have complete access to Bluestacks with facing any problem.
  • Now, in Bluestacks move to Play Store and type Mobizen over there and you will get the option to Download Mobizen for PC.
  • Download the app and enjoy recording and capturing of your Screen.


Information written above was about a newly introduced App called as Mobizen. Hope you have liked the post covering Mobizen for PC Free Download. If you face any problem while installing any of the software(s) mentioned above then you can comment and we will get in touch with you.

Mobizen for Samsung download

Mobizen for Samsung PC and Mobile – Download Free

Mobizen for Samsung PC – Mobizen is one of finest Screen Recording Application for Android based Devices. You can use Mobizen to Record and Capture screen of your Android based Devices.

There is a totally different Application for Samsung Android Devices which is named as “Mobizen for Samsung”. You can Download Mobizen for Samsung either from Google Play or from any Mirror APK website.

Mobizen is available on Android Mobiles and Windows PC. You can Download Mobizen for Samsung PC via their Official Website. If you don’t know anything about this then you should continue reading if already know much about the Application then you should skip towards Downloading Free Mobizen App for Samsung PC and Mobile Devices.

Mobizen for Samsung PC Features

  • Screen Recording: Mobizen app helps you to record and capture your Mobile Phone as well as Your Computer screen. You can also use the Application for recording a specified screen by Pinning the Screen (One you want to record).
  • Transferring of Files: As you save your recorded Files on your Mobile Phone but want to upload the videos on a Social Platform like YouTube then you can easily transfer your Recorded Video and Taken Screenshots from your Mobile Device to your PC via the Application. It helps you to connect your Mobile and PC for Transfer using USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Screen Presentation: Screen Presentation helps you to share your Mobile’s screen on your Laptop or Computer’s Screen. This is kind of helpful for those who have a habit of viewing larger Icons or Screen. It also helps in a clear view and understanding the Video quality type.
  • Streaming Music and Music Videos on Mobizen: Mobizen doesn’t allow you to stream any kind of Videos or Music online but you can play all the Videos and Music stored on your Local Storage. This application also works as a Media Player for your Device and has been awarded as the “Best App Of 2016”.

How to Use Mobizen for Samsung Devices ( PC & Mobile)

As you know, Mobizen is a Simple Screen Recording application. Therefore, there aren’t any tough challenges to face while using the Application to record your Samsung’s screen. You can use the steps mentioned below to Record or Capture Screen of your Samsung’s Device.

  • Open the Application on your Samsung Device.
  • Select the Screen you want to Record.
  • At last, press the “Start Recording” button and you’re all good to go.
  • Now, once you think you have recorded the video you can either pause or stop it accordingly.

The videos are saved on your External Storage as default. If there isn’t any external storage available on your Device then it will be saved in your Primary Memory that is Internal Storage.

Download Mobizen for Samsung PC

To use Free Mobizen for Samsung PC you should visit here and Download the application available on the Webpage. Once you download the Application follow the steps mentioned below in order to use Mobizen for Samsung PC through your Android Device.

  • For using Mobizen for Samsung PC you will be required to Download Mobizen for Android Device. Once you download the application on your PC as well as Android Device proceed to Step 2.
  • Now, open the app on your Android and click on Screen Mirroring and connect it with your PC.
  • After you get notification like Connection Successful you’re all good to Control your Android Device with Samsung PC.
  • If you face any problem in connection then try to complete the connection using USB if you have opted for Bluetooth or WiFi previously. If you still face problems then contact Mobizen through their Support panel.


Above we have shared information on Mobizen for Samsung Mobile and PC. You can use the application on any PC by using the Mirror Screening feature available in the APP. For any queries you can write a comment and we will bother it ASAP.

Mobizen for Android Download

Download Mobizen for Android – Latest Version of Mobizen Mirroring Apk

Mobizen for Android is a Screen Recorder application for Android Device users. This application helps in recording your Mobile Phone’s Screen while working on something which you want to share with your friends or colleagues.

This application is very easy to understand and use, everyone can easily start using the application in one go. In the Latest Version of Mobizen for Android you can record your Mobile Phone’s screen 1080P at 60 FPs which means Full HD. With Mobizen you can record, alter and catch the screen of your Mobile Phone. This application works in the background and consumes very less Physical Memory. Therefore, you won’t regret using the application anytime.

If you want to install samsung sidesync alternative then Mobizen app is best option.

Latest Mobizen Apk Features

Some of the best features of Mobizen are listed below; do check them once before downloading the application on your Mobile:

  • Increased App loading speed and other performance upgrade (Mobizen has improved their application in order to give the best service in the field).
  • Now, you can also access the Video Crash List.
  • Various Bugs fixes and Stability improvements in the Application.
  • You can change the storage location in the application
  • You can take Screenshot as well as record your Mobile’s Screen without rooting your device.
  • With paid version you get some more features added and watermark removed while recoding your screen.

How to Use Mobizen for Android

Many people don’t know how to record their Android Mobile’s Screen but with Mobizen it’s easy like eating an Apple.  All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to record your Mobile’s Screen right now. But before that I would suggest you to read How to Download Mobizen Apk for Android mentioned below in the post before reading out the steps to use Mobizen Mirroring apk on android.

  • To record your Mobile Screen you have to open the application and click on Record button to start recording.
  • To record a specific screen you can pin that screen and restart recording the screen again on your Mobile.
  • You can connect your Mobile to PC to enjoy your recordings on a bigger screen. You can connect your Phone with your PC through USB Cable.

How to Download Mobizen Apk for Android

It is very easy to Download Mobizen Apk for Android as it is available on Google Play Store but if you’re an Android User using Android Version below 4.4 you won’t be able to Download it from Play Store. Hence, you will be required to Download Mobizen Mirroring Apk directly from any of the mirror site. If you don’t know how to download Mobizen for android from a Mirror site then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you will be required to Download Mobizen Apk file from here.
  • Now, while installing the application on your mobile you will be prompt will a warning like “Unknown Sources Blocked”. Either click on “Allow Once” or “Allow” depends upon your Mobile Brand.
  • Once you have allowed the Application, it will start the installing process.
  • After successful installation. Now, you can record your Android Mobile’s Screen.

Apps like Mobizen for Android Devices :-

As we have mentioned above that mobizen is the another best Sidesync alternative app, but if you want more apps like sidesync or mobizen then checkout below list.

Samsung SideSync App

AirDroid App

Vysor App 2018


If you’re still not able to Download Mobizen App For Android then you can comment below with your Problems and we will get in touch with you soon.

mobizen for ios download

Mobizen App Download for Android iOS & PC

The Mobizen App lets the smartphone users to easily transfer their personal data like messages, calls, pictures, videos and other files between the phone and their PC or laptop, by accessing them through the app.

The app can be installed in any smartphone, which is an added advantage to new age of file sharing. Although Samsung has its own Sidesync for files sharing purposes, many people find it to have lags and bugs, which ultimately let people choose over mobizen for Samsung mobiles too.

One can easily download mobizen mirroring app to their desktop and to their smartphones by visiting the official web portal of Mobizen. The craziest features of Mobizen is about the screen mirroring and the screen recording facility, which is even available for the iOS devices.

How to Use Mobizen App?

Mobizen App download
Mobizen App

In order to share your personal data directly from your smartphone to your PC or laptop, you need to download the Mobizen app and install them on both your smartphone and on the laptop or PC, which you are about to access with.

After installing them, open the app to register with Mobizen. Registration process takes less than a minute to complete, as Mobizen has various options for new users to register with them. You can login using your existing Facebook or Gmail account, which shall be considered as your login details. Once you have logged in, you can easily swipe files between your PC and mobile device. The entire app user interface is easy to use and all you need to do is to drag and drop your files either from your smartphone to the PC, or from the PC to smartphone to share things between them.

Mobizen Apk Download for Android

download mobizen apk
mobizen apk

If you are an Android mobile phone user, then you need to download mobizen apk file on your smartphone. The link to download mobizen apk latest version is available at the official website of Mobizen and moreover its free to download. You can also download the mobizen app for android phones by visiting the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Open up the Google Play Store and search for Mobizen app.

The Mobizen for android is the best file and screen sharing app that are highly used to screen recorder app by many users from all over the world.

►Download Mobizen from Playstore :- LINK1

Mobizen for Android

How to Download Mobizen for iOS Device?

mobizen for ios download
mobizen for ios download

If you are an iPhone user, then you need to visit the Apple’s App Store to download mobizen for iPhone. The mobizen ios app has a different user interface when compared with the android apk version of the same app, yet, both the versions have same operations for file sharing and transferring.

►Mobizen for iOS :- Click Here

Download Mobizen app for PC

Accessing your smartphone straight from your PC or laptop has become real with Mobizen. The Mobizen for PC lets the users to share their photos and videos on a bigger screen. One can easily screen mirror their smartphone by getting a link to download Mobizen app for PC from the official website of Mobizen. With the PC version of Mobizen, the users get an enhanced file transfer facility by connecting the smartphone to the PC, using an USB cable.

►Mobizen for PC :- HERE

If Mobizen is not working properly in your device and you want a better replacement for this app then you can try these mobizen alternative which would help you the same mobizen app do.

Apps like Mobizen

SideSync App



I guess, our post helped you in finding a best app to connect pc and phone. Please do share this post with your tech friends.

download vysor app for android

Download Vysor App for iPhone Android Devices

The Vysor App lets you to access your Android smartphones directly from your desktop.

You can user your favorite apps, play games and completely control your Android running smartphone, straight from your laptop or desktop. Once can also connect their smartphones to the desktop wirelessly by choosing the Vysor Pro App. The links to download Vysor app is available at their official website.

How to use Vysor App?

All you need to do is to download the app on both of your smartphone and on your desktop. After downloading and installing them, you need to connect your smartphone to the desktop, using a USB cable.

Open the app on both the devices and now the desktop app completely replicate your smartphone screen.

The Vysor is moreover like a window for your Android device. With the same Android user interface displayed on your desktop screen, you can easily share files, photos, videos, messages, or even play your favorite games and text people directly from your desktop.

The best part is that the entire window that replicates your smartphone on the desktop screen can be accessed using the mouse that has been connected to the desktop. The mouse pointers shall act as the touch sensor and make use of it to share or access apps.

Drag and drop the files, which you are in need to transfer between your PC to mobile or the other way.

Only the Vysor Pro app lets the users to get full advantage of file sharing and app accessing. The wireless device connectivity can be gained by accessing Vysor app through the Vysor Pro versions. In order to get a Vysor pro free download link, you need to visit the official website of Vysor.


Download Vysor App for iPhone

The Vysor for ios devices can be accessed by downloading the Mac version of the software to your MacBook. Later on connect your iPhone and MacBook to the same Wi-Fi. You need to go to Air Play in your iPhone to connect the phone along with your MacBook. Although there is no direct download vysor for iphone users available at the moment, one can still connect their iPhone with MacBook by installing the software on their MacBook.

Vysor Apk Download for Android Mobile

The Vysor apk can be downloaded directly to your Android running smartphone by visiting the official web portal of Vysor. One can either download the apk file from the official website of Vysor or visit the Google Play Store to download the app directly to their smartphone. The Vysor for android lets the users to screen mirror their phone to their desktop or laptop by connecting them using a USB cable.

download vysor app for android
download vysor

The Vysor is available for web browsers like Chrome, where the company has released the app as an extension. All you need to do is to download the Vysor extension by visiting the Chrome Web store. After installing them to your Chrome web browser, open up the plugin from the browser tab. This is an alternative method to access your Android smartphones on your desktop, other than downloading the software to your desktop.



Vysor Alternative – Apps Like Vysor

Below we have recommended few apps like vysor which will perfectly work on any device. Lets look at these apps:-




Airdroid App Download for Android & iOS

Today we are going to talk about best samsung sidesync alternative “AirDroid App” which helps the mobile phone users to get a full access to their phones directly from their PC or Mac.

This app was developed when people initially struggled to connect their smartphones with their PC and transfer data and other files between them. One can easily Download Airdroid App by visiting the official web portal of them, and by selecting the device for which they are in need of this file sharing app to be installed with.

The all new AirDroid Web is a revolution in terms of file sharing between smartphone and PC, under which the users can easily upload the data and others files by visiting the web portal of AirDroid from any web browser, instead of downloading the app to their PC or laptop too. The web version of AirDroid has a bar code link, which you can easily sync with your phone, rather than entering down your login details. This type of fast login has definitely made file transfer an easy job for millions of people with AirDroid.

How to Use Airdroid App?

airdroid app download
airdroid app

In order to make use of the AirDroid app, one needs to download them by visiting the official web portal or by visiting the App Store in their mobile phone. Once you have installed the app on your smartphone open it up, to share files between your phone and PC.

Check for the connection tab within the app, and it displays an unique IP address that you can use to transfer files and for other activities. Open a web browser in your PC or laptop, enter down the same IP address on the address bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. Now your phone shall get a pop up to confirm the connection. Upon accepting the request, the web browser that has been opened up with the same URL shall display a new User Interface. Now you can easily access your smartphones messages, videos, files, call logs, photos and other apps directly from your web browser. The whole connectivity process takes less than a minute, which indeed makes the AirDroid the best file transfer app.

If you are looking for Airdroid Alternatives then please follow below links :-

SideSync App

Mobizen App

► Vysor App

Download AirDroid Apk for Android

download airdroid apk
airdroid apk

If you are an Android smartphone user, then you can install the AirDroid app directly on your device, by downloading the AirDroidApk file from the official web portal of the app. You need to download the apk file directly from your smartphone so that the file gets installed to the mobile device. You can also get AirDroid for Android phone by visiting the Google Play Store (Click Here) on your mobile device. The AirDroidApk download for android is a free software that takes less space when downloaded to your Android running smartphone.

Install Airdroid on iOS Devices

airdroid for ios
airdroid for ios devices

The AirDroid for iOS Apple iPhone users are widely available for a download at Apple’s official App Store. You can also download AirDroid for iPhone, by visiting the official website of AirDroid (LINK ), where you can find links to download their directly to your iPhone. One needs to either visit the Apple Store or the official web portal of AirDroid to download airdroid for ios device.

Get Airdroid for PC – Download NOw

airdroid for pc
airdroid for pc

The AirDroid for pc is an easy way to connect your smartphone with your computer and transfer your personal data wirelessly or by connecting them using a USB cable. The AirDroid download for PC links are available at the official web portal. Visit the web page to download the latest and updater PC version of AirDroid software on your PC or on your laptop.